Monday, February 15, 2010


When I was a child I lived in what I believed was a typical suburban home.  I have since learned that we were anything but typical and everything exceptional.  Some of my fondest memories (also some of my most embarrassing memories) include our menagerie of pets.  At one time we had 3 dogs, 3 cats, a rabbit, and a gerbil.  I would like to report that I am much more conservative in my pet adoptions as an adult - but I know I am beginning to border on ridiculous.  Check out our latest addition (bottom) - a gift for Reba's birthday.

King Tut, the best dog ever.

Bailey Jane, the most destructive dog ever (but soooo cute).

Little Dog, the ugliest dog ever (partly my fault - he needs groomed).
Cleopatra "Cleo", the cat.  She stares at closed doors - it's weird.

Travis, the hamster.  Our newest addition. Reba's baby.

And yes, he/she (we aren't sure) is sitting on top of Mommy's desk right now.  Am I crazy?

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Kathi D said...

Nope, not crazy. How fun for the kids to have all those critters!