Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Boy

I love this boy.  He is my funny kid.  As a second grader he is full of jokes, riddles, and a mouth of unruly teeth.  First of all, he is all boy, but he surprises us every other minute.  The other day he and his best friend "Jake" (yes, Jacob and Jake are best friends) were watching an Olympic medal ceremony.  Jacob exclaims that it is "so romantic!"  Brian, wondering what he is talking about, questions Jacob.  It was the women's skiing medal ceremony and Jacob pointed out that they were given flowers and the men kissed the women's hands.  Oh, how romantic... Where did he even get that word?

Fast forward to last night.  We were watching the Olympics - again, and Jacob is getting impatient waiting for his favorite event.  We happened to be watching my favorite event, Giant Slalum (um, hello, Aksel) and Jacob was antsy to get to ICE DANCING!  What the heck?  He loves those skaters.

The funniest moment yet came when Bob Costas appeared on the screen for the umpteenth time and Jacob says, "I'm getting sick of this guy.  Who is he anyway?  He speaks like every 10 minutes."  Uh, yep.  About every 10 minutes up pops Bob Costas.  Brian agreed.  It was way better when Katie Couric reported on the Olympics. Oh, boy.


Kathi D said...

I wish he were the host instead of Costas.

jenny k said...

Too funny, that boy. =) But don't tell him I said that.

Queen Ree said...

Send the boy to me. We'll get in all the boy stuff I love with the boy I love. Miss him here in Mammoth - no one to throw snow at. But, ice dancing, really?