Thursday, February 18, 2010

Why you shouldn't groom your own dog and other ramblings...

First of all, yesterday was Brian's birthday which should explain why I didn't post - except, really it doesn't.  We officially did nothing for his birthday.  After experiencing a slight cash flow issue (as in, it doesn't seem to be flowing in at all) we decided to clamp down on all spending.  I did splurge and spend the $6.95 at Starbucks for his peppermint syrup that he loves for his coffee, but going out was absolutely out of the question.  Since he scheduled softball practice for last night (being the head coach and all) we also didn't exactly have time for dinner.  So, we quick fed the kids, headed off in 10 different directions, and met back up in the late evening for my sister to come over and make malts.  If you are not a member of my family, you need to know, malts are tradition, a classic dessert item, cherished by all, and made popular in our family by my grandpa (who knew just the right combo of ice cream, chocolate malt, and milk).

After malts, which apparently was going to actually be our dinner since we never got around to real food, we sat around the couches to just chill and muse about what it was like to be old.  Then it happened.  Brian got a bee in his bonnet to trim the dog.  (It was probably because of my post from a few days ago.)  He got out the clippers (human hair clippers) and guards and proceeded to attempt his hand at grooming.

There are reasons why we have paid a groomer upwards of $30 in the past to beautify our Little Dog.  #1: He's an ugly little dog, it takes a professional.  #2: His hair is strangely thick and wiry on top - you should use dog clippers.  #3: They bathe him.  #4: He is an ugly little dog.  Seriously.  Our final product may look only slightly better than what we started with.  Yikes!  As I said to the groomer the last time (when we had money to do things like that), "He's an ugly little dog, if I get him back an ugly little dog, I won't be disappointed."


Kathi D said...

But he is an adorably DARLING ugly little dog!

Sarah M said...

Sometimes, the uglier, the better.