Friday, February 26, 2010

The Boy Strikes Again

But not literally - he actually hit very well tonight.  Baseball season has officially begun.  We are back at the fields for another round of Live and Breathe Baseball and Softball for the Spring.  Ah, don't you just love it?  I am particularly fond of freezing my rear off on the metal bleachers.  Also one of my favorite things is red baseball mud tracked into the house on the bottom of cleats.  Ah, I digress.  The reality is that I love baseball season especially because of the families that we play with.  We have played with most of these folks for almost 3 years and many of them have become our extended family. 

Thank goodness this group is understanding and family like, because sometimes my funny boy can say some doozies.  Tonight he comes over in front of the bleachers and all the parents wearing his catcher's gear (his favorite position).  He proceeds to show us all the chest guard part of the gear and demonstrate what the flap hanging down is for.  Swinging it back and forth he announces, "It's the PEEPER FLAP MOM!"  Ah, yes, son, that is designed to protect your peeper.  If I wasn't certain my fellow baseball parents thought this was absolutely hysterical, I would have been more embarrassed.  I wish I had a picture of him in his gear - maybe next time.  We can educate you all on the various pieces of gear and what they are meant to protect.


Kathi D said...

Once upon a time, my nephew, who was 3 or 4 years old, had a rash "down there." It caused some itching and some pain, apparently. One day he yelled out in the middle of the grocery store, "MOOOOOOOOOM! MY BIG PENIS HURTS!!!!!"

When my sister told me the story, I thought, well, yes, they are Modern Parents who teach the children the proper words for things (NOT peepers! :) ) but "big"? Where did that come from? Uh, he has a little brother. Whose penis was smaller. Oy vey!

Sarah M said...

We are the old fashioned kind of parents that let their kids make up names for their parts (as long as it is appropriate). Kids only say stuff like that when it has maximum embarrassment impact on the parents.

jenny k said...

It WAS hysterical! =) Ah, the boy and his funnies.