Saturday, February 6, 2010


Can you even be Texan without boots?  I don't think so.  So, after the destructo dog ate my beloved pair of butterfly boots, I was left with a sort of identity crisis.  Am I just another impostor implant to this beautiful place?  Would they find me out by my improper footwear?  After a long delay, the situation was finally remedied tonight. 

My dear sisters (because they are wonderful to their big sister and they know me well) got me gift cards to Cavender's for Christmas this year.  For some reason, tonight, it became urgent that I purchase a pair of boots.  Perhaps it was the posse narrowing in on my lack of sanctioned shoes, or it could have been my dearth of good church appropriate kicks.  Maybe it was that I just really wanted boots and since my birthday is on Tuesday I decided to get 'er done.  Whatever it was, I got my boots.  Check 'em out.


Queen Ree said...

Them's some good-lookin' kicks. Happy b-day!

jenny k said...

I love them! You didn't tell me about that when we talked today. While I love my butterfly boots, I still want some authentic cowboy (or cowgirl, rather) boots.

Anyway, Merry Christmas, Sisser! Glad you finally got your boots. =)

Kathi D said...

Those are great!

Happy Birthday (tomorrow)!

I grew up in Arizona, so I have a few pairs of boots to celebrate that. I made my poor mom shop with me for red cowboy boots just a few years ago. I had a burning desire for red boots one day. I told Mom it was her fault, because she didn't buy me red boots when I was 6 years old.

Sarah M said...

Thanks everyone! Mom, you know a good lookin' boot when you see one. Neef, I won't alert the authorities yet that your boots are not authentic. And Kathi, I would expect nothing less than red boots for you.

Donna Dennis said...

even 'Grandpa Dentist' said "wow, cool"

Kristin said...

Love em'...need to come to TX to find ME some boots too!