Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Minivan Mom and Her Past Jeep Life

I am a minivan mom. Now, I have owned my minivan for several years and have been a mom for over 10, so this is no surprise admission. But this morning, as I was driving, I saw this funny juxtaposition that put it all in perspective.

Up early this Saturday morning, I was off to run errands before I launched my typical Saturday that consists of running kids all over town, washing the mountains of laundry (said kids produce), and cleaning the house (as best as I can). I found myself unusually alone in the minivan this morning, a rare and cherished moment to myself. Driving along, I was sipping my coffee (that I made at home) from my Tervis (that I had haphazardly rinsed yesterday's coffee out of), when I look over to my right. Traveling in the lane next to me is a picture of me from a different era - a young thin blonde woman, sipping her coffee (from Starbucks), with the top off of her sweet little Jeep.

I chuckled at myself. I was once her, or like her anyways, cute and seemingly carefree - all my worries whipped away by the wind blowing through my hair in my open Jeep. I looked around me, a minivan full of treasures left behind by the many children that usually accompany me, car seats (empty right now), and the Lord only knows how many half eaten food items stuffed into the various nooks and crannies that minivans are known for. This is a far cry from my old ride.

As fun as Jeep life was, I wouldn't trade it for my minivan life. I will drink my homemade coffee from my slightly dirty Tervis and treasure the mess that is my life. This minivan thing, it just represents a Jeep woman who has grown up. I raised my Tervis to my friend on my right and toasted to old times. Here's to minivan driving women everywhere, who used to drive Jeeps.