Saturday, August 1, 2009

Legitimate questions

Right before we left on vacation the kids and I needed to do some essential Target shopping. Pretty much we just had to buy underwear because the 1 year old yellow lab puppy has decimated our underwear supply and you can't very well go on vacation without underwear. I digress...

We were walking into Target just past dinner time and the kids hadn't eaten. We were entering famine stages and the kids were launching into a full fledged whine. Jacob, in his ever theological and introspective way asks the epic question:

"How come they say, 'If you believe in God you will never be hungry and if you believe in Jesus you will never be thirsty.' And I am BOTH right now?"

Ummm... What 7-year-old thinks of that? Don't ask me for my answer to that. I am sure it was not nearly adequate for the question.

How to stalk your favorite blogista

1. Believe if you met your favorite blogista you would most definitely be best friends.

2. Drive to blogista's current city of residence (aprox 14 hour drive) without alerting said blogista in advance.

3. Arrive anonymously at blogista's favorite coffee house and buy coffee.

4. Blatantly introduce yourself as a huge fan.

5. Suddenly realize how creepy your stalking has become and admit it out loud.

6. Proceeded with hour long conversation which confirms you and your favorite blogista were meant to be friends.

7. Meet up with blogista for Popsicles later in the week like your stalking her wasn't weird at all.
8. Buy souvenir mug and t-shirt from coffee house like a big huge nerd.

Thanks Annie from AnnieBlogs for not thinking I am a complete weirdo. Come see us in Austin and I promise to find you next time I am in Nashville and maybe even call ahead of time. I am grateful for the time we were able to spend together. I'll do seven minutes with you at the Popsicles place any day! Our pic is on Brian's camera so I will post that as soon as he gives it up.