Saturday, August 1, 2009

Legitimate questions

Right before we left on vacation the kids and I needed to do some essential Target shopping. Pretty much we just had to buy underwear because the 1 year old yellow lab puppy has decimated our underwear supply and you can't very well go on vacation without underwear. I digress...

We were walking into Target just past dinner time and the kids hadn't eaten. We were entering famine stages and the kids were launching into a full fledged whine. Jacob, in his ever theological and introspective way asks the epic question:

"How come they say, 'If you believe in God you will never be hungry and if you believe in Jesus you will never be thirsty.' And I am BOTH right now?"

Ummm... What 7-year-old thinks of that? Don't ask me for my answer to that. I am sure it was not nearly adequate for the question.


Queen Ree said...

A theological question to stump the wisest among us.

Marianne said...

What an insightful young gentleman he's becoming!