Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Attack of the killer tooth

We are coming off of an eventful or uneventful spring break depending on how you view it. It was uneventful in that we didn't have 8 (count them 8) softball or baseball commitments during the week. There were no meetings, no tennis league, no alarms going off at 5:45 am. There was, however, Sea World, picnics, hair cuts, and dentist visits. It's the latter that I will discuss here.

This is perhaps the most awkward stage I have seen my child in yet (though judging by his father and I, I am sure there are plenty more to come). Jacob is in this funny place between really cute and completely funny looking. Our recent trip to the dentist and family salon has furthered this juxtaposition.

Jacob's long locks were finally too much. Although quite cool among the boys these days, the long hair was becoming an eye sore. There was much discussion in our house about hair cuts and subsequently some tears shed regarding this as well. Daddy would cut it but Jacob didn't want it that short. I would take him to the salon but they would use scissors (apparently we have a fear of hair cutting scissors). Finally one day last week after a delightful picnic I swung into the salon before we reached our house. Surprise attack! The hair would be cut.

After scowling through the entire haircut, Jacob was ultimately very pleased with the result. Fred, the hair master, had done the impossible. Jacob had a hair cut that he was thrilled with! The grin that spread across the boy's face at the final twirl in the salon chair was priceless. The ladies I was sitting with all commented on how adorable my little man was.

Fast forward to the following day. Jacob has been to the dentist and the dentist has deemed that two teeth must be pulled. Jacob has one adult incisor tooth on the top, a left incisor missing, and the two teeth in question are the other front incisor and right incisor. I want you to have the clear picture here (oh right, just look at the photo). Among Jacob's top teeth he has one giant adult tooth front left, a gap to the left of that, then two teeth that need to be pulled immediately to the right. I am thrilled that we are pulling the center tooth that has been dead since he took a header into the bathtub at age two. Though I am suddenly becoming more aware of what this child's mouth is going to look like.

Welcome to the attack of the killer tooth. One giant tooth remains in the front of this boy's mouth. He plays with it now, putting it on the outside of his lips furthering the hilarity of how it looks. Lord help me, I can't help but laugh.

So, Jacob is the most adorable kid I have ever seen until he opens his mouth and bears his pearly white. Just the one. We are calling it his killer tooth.

On watching daughters:

I have never felt such tugs on my heart strings as I watch my little girl on the softball field. She is the smallest girl on her team and the only one who has never played before. To say she was a skilled player would be an untruth. She is, however, enthusiastic and pays close attention to whatever the coach tells her to do. She may not hit hard or run very fast but she does it just like she is told - and she is darn cute when she does it.

Last week we saw her unreasonable confidence shaken. Coach got a new tee. The old one was broken and could be completely shrunk to an appropriate Reba size. With this new and improved tee at home plate, Reba struck out, twice. She put on a brave face and walked back to the dugout, defeated. I wanted to throw up, knowing the kind of feeling she must be experiencing and yet unable to change things or protect her. I would not be the kind of mom that never lets her kids experience disappointment. What would they ever learn otherwise?

This week I watched yet another strike out on the too tall tee. Fearing that this might finally squelch the spirit of my softball player I suggested they might use the other tee for Reba. Actually, I made Brian ask the coach if she could. Apparently I still don't want to seem like a meddling mother. Two hits later on the old tee we were well back on the road to confidence. As we walked away from the game with one happy little girl I was still perplexed - which battles are for mom and what must my baby endure? How much can her spirit take before it is crushed? Apparently we were safe with the three strike outs as she announced she "would probably get a sticker from coach for her helmet seeing as how I played so well today." Uh, huh. We will have to work on perception next.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Big Texas Sky

Nothing like an awesome sunset in Austin to remind you of how big that Texas sky really is and how blessed we are to live here.

3am, it's been a while old friend...

Here we are again, 3am. It's been a while. How are you old friend? Can't say I've missed you much. I was getting quite used to sleeping. Ah, well, if it's just for a short visit, I guess I don't mind.

Where have I been, you ask? Oh, well you see, I joined the world of normal people who work normal hours and sleep at night. You know, it's funny, I always joked I liked mornings coming around the other end much better. I am going to have to disagree now. Morning is pretty awesome to wake up to. No, offense, of course, to you, the wee hours of morning that I don't see very often anymore.

Why this short visit, you wonder? Right, well, some things never change. Day life was taking a break. It's called Spring Break. I am thinking that most folks are on vacation, sleeping late, or at the very least taking it easy. I saw the opportunity to sneak in some night shifts at the hospital. Work, work, and more work. Still burning the candle at both ends...

Now I have you worried? Oh, don't be. I am OK. Our little visit here is reminding me to slow down and enjoy life. The Emergency Room will still be there this Summer if I get lonely for you. We can always catch up with each other then. Gotta go, now, 4am is calling.