Thursday, February 4, 2010

In a mood.

It's a don't cross me, I will bite your head off, kind of night for me.  I have very few of them.  Really, I am being serious.  Ordinarily I am very even tempered.  But tonight, no way.  I got on the elliptical to work out my frustration (get it, work out as in workout, never mind).  I burned more calories in 20 minutes than I ever had before by like 50 calories.  Um, yeah.

The cat just looked at me and I hissed at her.  I am not proud.  I'm going to bed and praying for a new day.


Kathi D said...

Here's hoping you'll wake up happier!

Good for you that you have these very seldom. My moods rocket up and down daily, sometimes hourly.

Brian M said...

I probably shouldn't add any comments here...