Monday, February 8, 2010

My 30th Year

What some may characterize as a critical of coming of age year (it gets older every generation), I felt as though my 30th year was less about coming of age and more about celebrating life. 

30 meant:
  1. Becoming parents on another level.
  2. Re-examining our work life.
  3. Re-organizing our priorities.
  4. Opening our home to friends and children.
  5. Following our dreams.
  6. Knowing who our friends are.
  7. Knowing what our limits are.
  8. Challenging our faith.
  9. Challenging our sanity.
  10. Acing, like 99% acing, my first graduate course.
  11. Realizing potential.
  12. Understanding heart break.
  13. Witnessing miracles.
  14. Celebrating love.
  15. Walking with each other in love.
  16. Watching heroes fall.
  17. Forgiveness. 
  18. 10+ pounds that came out of nowhere and landed on my waist.
  19. Realizing that I was only human.
  20. Leaving a job that I really loved.
  21. Commitment.
  22. Bernina.
  23. Nikon.
  24. Drinking lots of coffee.
  25. Learning to drink a little less coffee.
  26. Driving grown up cars.
  27. Accepting and loving baldness (Brian's, not mine).
  28. Challenging ourselves (Game On! among many other more important things).
  29. Giving Thanks.
  30. Receiving Grace.
30 was not what I expected.  I loved harder, hurt more, and received more Grace than I had ever before in my life.  30 really was an epic year for me.  I look forward to 31 - I think...


Queen Ree said...

It was a labor of love and still is 31 years later.


Kathi D said...

And what a lovely comment from your mom.

Kathi D said...

Looks like the first comment didn't show up, making my "and" odd.

I said that I remember turning 30 and feeling "grown-up" for the first time.