Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It was very important - the Girl Scouts were at the door.

Last week sometime Jacob (age 7) was on the phone with my mom (Queen Ree).  They were chatting away, Jacob pacing in his normal fashion when he talks on the phone, when suddenly the conversation stopped.  Jacob said an abrupt goodbye and returned the phone to the base.  I must have looked puzzled so he decided to explain, "It was important, Mom.  She had to go.  The Girl Scouts were at the door."  I questioned why that would be so important.  "Because they have cookies, Mom! And those things are good!"

Pardon my stupidity, child.  Clearly I have not grasped the importance of the Girl Scout Cookie.  Really, what the boy doesn't know, is that I have long understood the power of the Girl Scout Cookie.  I was a Girl Scout once - Troop 14 in the San Gabriel District.  We went defunct by the time we were all in the 7th grade, but never mind that.  I failed at cookie sales.  My mom would buy a couple of cases so that I could, at the very least, earn my stupid badge.

Those cases didn't last long in our house.  We could devour sleeve after sleeve of Thin Mints in one sitting (or standing, because who sits when eating a sleeve of Thin Mints?).  We would finish our cases by, oh, a couple weeks out of cookie season.  If my mom was really smart she would hide a couple of boxes in the deep freeze - but once discovered, those were demolished too.  Invariably, just as the last cookie was polished off, my dad would be standing there, proclaiming that he "didn't get any of that!"  You snooze you lose, Old Man.  Girl Scout Cookies were fair game in our house.

This brings me to my adult home.  Stupid Game On! has me rationing my Thin Mints to 2 a day (allowed by the 100 calories of anything rule) and I have managed to stick with this plan.  My husband (who like my dad would wait until all cookies were gone to decide he was going to partake) has a different approach (see photo above).  Stupid man.  Like labeling your box keeps people from actually eating it.  These are Girl Scout Cookies, and "those things are good!"


jenny k said...

TOTALLY! I have amazed myself with my restraint this year...I have managed to ration my cookies, too. I might make it a couple of months with my cookies this year! (On a side note, I do buy a pretty good stash for one person.) Who can resist a Girl Scout Cookie?!?!

Queen Ree said...

D--- straight! (Can you say that on the Internet?) Shocked are you? We're talking serious stuff here. I'm just glad that Jacob understood the importance of cutting off the call. Tell him I will try to save some for his visit.

No more cases for me! I now have a strict rule, 1 box per kid at school, 3 from the neighbor kids. Wonder how many scouts my school has. I guess that adds up to a case but it works out to be fewer calories if you don't buy them as a case. I cleared a shelf in the deep freeze.:-)

Kathi D said...

I hated selling the cookies and was a miserable failure at it, even though when I sold them they were FIFTY CENTS A BOX! My friend up the street always won the battle for most boxes sold because her dad sold them at work.

No food ever lasted at our house, with three boys and two girls. Crunch and it was gone!