Tuesday, February 9, 2010

31 is good

Y'all, 31 is good.  Lunch with Brian at an actual restaurant without our 4 kids.  Missed a major poo-saster (that a very sweet teacher and lovely secretary cleaned up themselves) at school while I was gone to lunch and no one called me to come back for it.  Felt like I did my job as a "nurse" assisting a teacher with health concerns.  Came home to eat a wonderful dinner prepared by my sister.  Went to Bible study with a dear friend.  Was blessed by sleeping children and a loving husband when I got home.  Had over 50 messages wishing me "Happy Birthday" from friends old and new.  My cup runneth over, big time.


Kathi D said...

And one more Happy Birthday!

dbug said...

Sarah is 31...?
hmmm... well, ok. But it wasn't
that long ago I pulled her inquisitive nose out of a Tylenol bottle she and her cousin got into
while I was babysitting her.
Was that the first visit to the ER?

Happy birthday little stinker.
Uncle drew