Saturday, October 6, 2007

A Tale of Two Dogs

Now, I will admit, I am a sucker for a dog... We currently have two and the only reason we don't have more is that I am forbidden to look at any adoption websites. Also our homeowners association won't allow more than our current allotment of pets. My husband says it's a sickness. I would like to call it compassion. Our current dog situation is my topic for today...

Dog #1 AKA "the good dog"

Tut was actually our second dog but the first was truly a neurotic golden retriever and has found a home with a delightful older couple. Tut came to us via my obsession with finding a puppy to keep neurotic dog company. I probably spent hours searching all SPCA adoptable puppies in the Southern California area (hubby says days). Then one morning, as if meant to be, I woke early (couldn't sleep again) and went online to search for puppies. There he was! This beautiful yellow puppy in a litter that looked like Black Labs and Rottweilers. He was perfect! I woke my husband and contrary to his better judgement he allowed me to get this dog. I drove 2 hours.

Over the last 2 years he has proved his merit. This dog is unreal. He keeps the other dog in check when he misbehaves. He will go on a walk without a leash and never dream of strolling off. He lets small children ride him like a horse and use him as a floor pillow. He is an attractive Yellow Lab with a mellow personality. Tut is our golden boy.

Dog #2 AKA "bad dog"

Little Dog is the next addition to our family. He is a scruffy, so ugly he's cute, terrier mix. He is small in stature which he makes up for in his annoyance factor. Little Dog came to us from the gas station. This should have been my first clue. NEVER get a dog from the gas station!

Little Dog is named so because we never chose a name for this rotten dog. My dad likes to substitute the "Dog" part for other choice words. I do the same especially when I am pulling up the carpet in the Dining Room because he has peed on it and it is not cleanable at this point. He is a year old and still has "accidents" in the house. He runs outside with just a crack in the door and will take off down the street until Tut comes out to round him in. If there is mud in the yard, he will find it, and promptly roll in it. He paws at your legs until you pick him up, play with him, or kick him. Little will lick you to death without abandon. The best descriptive factor is "obnoxious" and that is being nice. My husband finds no redeeming factors to this dog.

Tut and Little, good and bad, tall and small, attractive and so ugly he's cute - you couldn't find two dogs more different. Though I couldn't imagine one without the other, I sometimes question my sanity - and by sometimes I mean daily.

The moral of this tale - if you have "sucker" written on your forehead, wear a hat and beware of gas station dogs.


MegS said...

This is so funny, because I have the same situation with Hunter and Ginger. Hunter is short, fat, and "perfect". Ginger is tall, skinny, and crazy! Ricardo and I both are not allowed near any adoption facilities of ANY kind. I love your blogs :)

Sarah M said...

thanks meagan! miss you and your boys!