Wednesday, October 3, 2007

An Evening at the Ball Park

Is there anything better than fall ball? In this case, there is nothing funnier...

The catcher is sitting in the dirt behind the "T" making small dirt piles, completely oblivious to the game taking place beyond him (good thing he wears a batting helmet). The outfielders are facing the wrong direction throwing their hats in the air, waving off bugs or just plain day dreaming. The batter hits the "T" then runs because the ball actually fell off the "T" and has rolled into fair territory. The running is less athletic than spastic and the boy's knees aren't actually bending. The fielding team picks up the ball after several attempts and overthrows first base, only to whack a coach on the sideline. When the play is FINALLY over the ball is held up and tossed (more like hurdled) at the umpire who either has to jump for it or it hits below the belt. We, the parents, are cheering from the stands, and from the sound of things, you'd think someone was actually winning. The next batter is up when suddenly the game stops, the pitcher has to PEE!

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