Friday, October 19, 2007

My Commute

Living in LA I logged plenty of hours on the freeway. Then I was one of the lucky few who commuted against traffic. My poor husband was driving with traffic taking an hour plus to go what should have taken 30 minutes. It's enough to make a sane person crazy.

I now commute about 30 minutes to work, but by the time I get there I am smiling ear to ear. I find my commute to work soothing and peaceful. On my way I see horses and longhorns, creeks and fields, and I smell cedar in the breeze. I drive with the top off the Jeep Wrangler and instead of feeling the grit of LA on my face when I get to work, I feel refreshed and wind kissed.
What a difference a drive makes.

Incidentally, here in Texas every Jeep driver does the Jeep wave. Once I even got a salute!


jenny k said...

If you're going to commute - yes, you definitely have the best one. Beautiful, relaxing ... but I win for distance - I could walk if I was so inclined (read: motivated). I know I'm caught when one of the RT's at the hospital tells me she hasn't seen me walking and asks if I have been coming in at a different time or .... driving. Busted! I'll have to walk tomorrow while the weather is still nice.

Sarah M said...

neef, why drive? remember that time that you parked but your car was too big for the space and you had to climb out your back window? really, once you are inconvenienced like that, I say put your effort in getting there, not getting out of your vehicle. i still laugh thinking about you climbing out the back of your exploder.

jenny k said...

Are you referring to when I climbed out the very back of my old exploder - because just last week I was forced to climb out of the passenger side of my new exploder when I got to work (and then via passenger side again to leave work). It's because people are inconsiderate and careless parkers who park on or over the line - EVEN when the space is plenty big! Yes, I think I'll walk tomorrow.

Sarah M said...

yes, that is the event. if I recall correctly the other cars were huge and parked on the line. walk, yes, that's a great idea.

Sarah S said...

um... 30 minutes doesn't count as a commute... :)
I think you have to pass large ugly buildings for 40+ to make it a commute... by LA terms... xo