Monday, October 22, 2007


A couple months back (when the weather was still ridiculously hot) my sister Jenny was out visiting for a week. One of the highlight activities of her trip here was a jammin' session with our good friend, Shawn. The fruits of our labor yielded tons of jam, and I found yet another new hobby! Jenny and I found plenty of jam puns while we worked (which I have completely forgotten now) and managed to spend the whole afternoon with Shawn talking girl talk.

We look like a Williams Sonoma ad here, because, well, we are that good. Probably the fact we had those nifty green aprons on and we are standing in Shawn's to die for kitchen didn't hurt either. We got back to some real cooking and honest to goodness wholesomeness. My farm dwelling great grandmother would have been proud (even more proud when I made the buttermilk biscuits the next day to go with it). She probably didn't have a kitchen quite so well equipped in her day.

I got ambitious and stocked up on organic raspberries in the freezer. Now all I need is the water bath, the jars, the pectin, the rack and the special holder thing. But other than that, I am set. I am ready to jam. Jenny would say that it's more like I am in a jam. I have flagged the Ball website for my husband... We shall see.


jenny k said...

Hey, I made the biscuits again the other day. Brought biscuits and some of our jam for my Prep friends to have as a snack at breakfast while they were visiting and staying at Laura's. We snacked on biscuits, but not on the jam - so I gave it to Laura to keep (homemade special). Can't say enough good things about "jammin" - man we did find some funny puns that week. =)

Sarah M said...

we really had fun. nothin' like getting back to the old way of things. plus we had hours together to be absolutely commical.