Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A great design idea

So, in the process of decorating the new house we have discovered great ways to be cheap and get the effect we were looking for. My husband, who ponders problems over in his head until all edges are rounded off, thought up this latest one. We love having pictures of the kids and have a great entry hall for displaying them. We both love the uniformity of having all pictures in the same frame and we were looking for a timeless way to create this display. What he came up with surpassed both our expectations.

Simple wire curtain rods from IKEA with clips grasping each 8x10 mounted on black foam core for structure and look gave us this amazing look. It was cheap, frameless, and dramatic. We chose out of the thousands of pictures we have of the kids to date. We laughed and cried over how they have changed and the baby years truly gone now. We also realized what fantastic photographers we are! A plus side is that we can display snap shots and change them out or add more as they grow. Our next dilemma is how to better light this area since we have such an amazing display now.

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jenny k said...

Hey, this looks great! I asked Brian what pictures you used, but he didn't really answer the question - just said you guys picked your favorites. Can't wait to see it when I am out, hopefully, in the spring to visit again.