Saturday, October 27, 2007


Just a pretty sunset... Looking through some old picutres - Carpenteria, November 2006.


Auntie M said...
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Auntie M said...

Okay, I don't know how all this stuff works, but I just
have to register a formal complaint about the dishes.
Having worked hard to rid myself of practically anything that smacked to Tejas, here you are....BUYING TEXAS DISHES!!!!!!! I guess it's different since it's virtually Austin, but I want to caution you to
step gingerly into this Texas brew (and I'm not referring to Shiner!) No tatts.....(My son has Hawaii,
the big island)

Meanwhile, I love the quilt and purse and think you are capable of doing a lot more than I am!
Love, Short Aunt

Sarah M said...

auntie m,
I assure you, no more tattoos... I wonder if they have Shiner dishes? Now that would be a prize possession.

I beg to differ on capabilities, I have seen things you've knit for a baldie head - and didn't you quilt (or do you still)?

Incidentally, happy upcoming b-day! I hope you celebrate like a wild woman!

Sarah M said...

just to let you all know, I did not just delete an original comment from my aunt - it magically duplicated itself. no sage advice lost!