Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Everything Texas

Check these out! Texas themed dishes! What a find. We were just joking with a neighbor and long time Texan how you can buy anything with a Texas theme to it i.e. cookie cutters, coolers, any kind of apparel, home decor, car paint jobs, grill tools, and well, anything you can think of really. Then we noticed she was selling Texas dishes at her yard sale! Jackpot! We didn't have Texas DISHES yet. Whew, now we are on our way to being true Texans. I think the next logical decision would be to purchase one of those nifty Styrofoam coolers with the state shape and flag on it. Classy.


jenny k said...

what would your new texas home be without everything texas?!?! seriously, your next project should be a texas flag quilt to show off draped over the back of the couch in by the fireplace - PERF!

Sarah M said...

OOOOH, I didn't think about that! What a brilliant idea! That would be PERF.