Monday, October 29, 2007

Parent of the Year...

I might win Parent of the Year Award*. I, an emergency room nurse, have now ignored, denied, and ultimately dismissed both of my children actually being ill. I kept telling them, oh you're not really sick. I truly told Reba to quit fake coughing. Jacob had pneumonia from allergies I ignored until he broke out in freaky hives I couldn't deny. Reba has an upper respiratory infection complete with eye and ear infections - now on antibiotics because I finally gave in and took her to see Dr. Joe. See, I win.

Currently Reba is upstairs hacking up a lung and Jacob is coming down off the albuterol buzz from his night time breathing treatment. -

-I just sealed the deal for the title - Reba just coughed so hard she threw up. I stripped her sheets and put her back to bed. Her hair smells like vomit and our humidifier doesn't work. (I did make her brush her teeth - I hate that taste.) I didn't even put jammies back on her.

Ultimately I did seek treatment for both children, but clearly they were not O.K. My only consolation is that a friend who is a practicing Hematologist/Oncologist let her 11 month old get a double ear infection so badly that pus was coming out of her eyes. Baby's O.K., no harm done, but it must be a professional hazard - ignore your own child's illness until they literally have pus coming out of their eyes. I overheard on my way out of the office, Dr. Joe on the phone with the Parent of the Year* Nominations Board, "No that's Sarah with and "H" - great I'm doomed.
I also told Brian he wasn't sick. He's seeing the doctor tomorrow morning.


Sarah S said...

Bad MAMA BAD! Auntie Sarah needs to come nuture and spoil your munchkins... when you coming out to cali?

Sarah M said...

i know really. we are coming back dec 21 - jan 4ish. I have to come back to work new years. suck.