Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Yee Haw!

Don't you wish you had a cowboy?  I took this stunning picture (edited by the cowboy himself) during our fall visit up to West Texas where my cousins own a farm.  Besides, of course, the wedding which we were there to attend, the horses were the hit of the weekend.  Each of the kids got on a horse even though Jacob initially protested with howling that rivaled coyotes.  The girls shared a horse, delighted with these giant four legged creatures, they laughed and held on tight the entire time - hair blowing in the breeze.  I had visions of equestrian lessons in our near future.  The baby even took a short ride with his sister.  My horse sat in park for almost the entire time.  Apparently he was crushing on the horse that was tied up.  The love of a horse is no match for my reigns. 

The absolute shocker of the entire trip was my husband.  This is the man that swore up and down that he was terrified of horses - hated them, in fact.  He was absolutely not going to ride.  At some point I gave up on getting my horse out of park and went inside.  I came out to discover the man was doing barrel runs!  And the pole thingies, what are those called?  I don't know because my horse sat in park, remember?  Anyhow, the point is, my husband can ride.  What the heck?  I know we moved to Texas and all, but when did he go all cowboy on me?  Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining.  Cowboy suits him.  Just check out the hat!


Kathi D said...

I can not control a horse. I rode one who kept putting his head down to eat all the time, so that I constantly thought I was going to slide right down his neck to the ground. Another time my horsey cousin rode her prize-winning fancy horse and let me ride a WAY pregnant mare, who, just before dark, spied her barn off in the distance and instead of meandering up the road the way we came, set off hell bent for leather across field and stream and meadow. She was HONGRY. Eating for (at least) two, I suppose.

jenny k said...

Oh man, you and your parked horse was pretty entertaining. We need to go back up there.