Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Game On!

At some point this year I woke up to the reality that everything in Texas really is bigger and this includes me, apparently. In the last two and a half years of living in Texas I have gained approximately 20ish pounds. At this rate I could be the size of Texas by next year. (Incidentally I also recently discovered that I am actually 5'3.5" instead of the 5'2" I always believed myself to be but that is an entirely different tall tale.) I am not sure about where those pesky pounds came from but the reality is setting in - I am in my 30's and sporting a super unattractive muffin top. Not cool.

Disgusted with my size and down about my energy level, I was complaining to a parent visiting me in my office where I am a school nurse. I know that sounds backwards, the nurse complaining to the parent about health issues, but this happens to be one of the coolest parents ever. I totally adore her. She is super cute (but not annoyingly skinny) and has the most fabulous kids. She is totally "real" and one of my favorite things about her is that her kids often have that rolled out of bed hairstyle that my kids usually go to school with. It's comforting. We were talking about how we won't allow the kids to take pictures of us because of the inevitable double chin effect (though the reality is that we each are sporting an extra roll between our actual chins and our necks). After we had sufficiently covered that topic we moved on to more pressing issues such as the muffin top we can't seem to ignore any longer. This is when she introduced me to The Game On Diet.

People, this is what I have been waiting for! A game, for points, with my friends, about healthy habits, for 4 weeks only, on teams, and the winner gets a huge prize! I LOVE COMPETITION! Seriously, my husband jokes with me because even stuffing the Christmas cards can be a competition for me. Apparently, this friend explained, the PTA moms were getting this contest together based on this book by the head writer for Grey's Anatomy, Krista Vernoff, and Fitness Guru, Az Ferguson. Its all about "kicking your friend's butt while shrinking your own". She challenged me to join them for a prize of some serious cash money. And when PTA moms challenge the school nurse, GAME ON!

Now, as if I needed any more motivation, my dear husband used a picture of me from pre-TX days as his I heart Faces entry this week. No double chin there. And if you even think I am going to post a post-TX picture of me right here, you have another think coming. Seriously. It's that bad. So here we go, PTA moms, beware!


jenny k said...

jenny k said...
I am bigger in Texas, too. What the heck? I am psyched for you and your Game On Diet. It's perfect for your super competitive nature. ;) We can take a post-move-to-TX picture in approximately 3 months when we are both a little slimmer and trimmer. (An adult taking the picture will still be required.)

Kick some butt, sisser!

Kathi D said...

Well, GAME ON, then! Woot woot!

Anonymous said...

Well, I wouldn't know about coming to Texas to get bigger. I have always lived here :). If I can get this diet thing down on the challenge, the rest of it will be cake. You guys are motivation for me as well. It is on starting today!!!!! Wait, maybe tomorrow... or Monday... LOL