Friday, January 15, 2010

The iPhonomenon

I kinda love my iPhone. Is that wrong? I mean really? What did I do before I had my iPhone? I am pretty sure we are about to celebrate our one year anniversary - my iPhone and I. Life must have been so dull before.

With the year 2010 I know y'all expected flying cars or personal jet packs or whatever. But if you had told me even 15 years ago that I would have a mini computer that I walk around with all day long in my pocket and at any moment I could use it to search the internet (what was that?), place phone calls - not attached to some cord plugged into the wall, email, send text messages, take pictures, listen to music, watch movies, organize my calendar, map my route with my GPS location, give me the weather and the traffic, entertain my children, look at my bank accounts, order movie tickets, count calories, read the Bible, name music I hear playing on the radio, or keep me posted on old friends, or really any of the other bazillion things the iPhone can do, I would have thought you were crazy. That was back in the day of the Apple IIGS. We were, like, loading our computer by floppy disks back then. The internet was for select few like my friend, Portia, with the totally techie dad. Digital cameras were cutting edge technology and the picture was totally pixelated.

I walk around with my iPhone today like it is an appendage. Really, I am sure there is some kind of psychological disorder all this iPhone business is going to create for my generation, but seriously - the technology we have today is awesome! Perhaps my iPhone is that "jet pack" that we were promised - just way, way cooler!

You would love your phone too, if you had an iPhone. Plus, if this is what you saw every time you turned on your phone, I am pretty sure you couldn't resist it:


Kathi D said...

I am constantly amazed at the wonders of the modern world. I can remember being a kid in the back seat on long trips wishing we could play records in the car.

jenny k said...

Umm, I TOTALLY love my iPhone and I've only had it for 2 days! I'm addicted to it. I am certain that I only had the restraint to wait this long to get one because I really kept myself from looking at other people's iPhone. In this case...what I didn't know couldn't hurt me.