Thursday, January 14, 2010


I had totally intended this post to be a highly creative post about my grandma's chair (I'll explain in a later post). But I am not feeling it. First of all I have been somewhat creatively stymied since I starting working normal hours, oh, say, about a year and a half ago. Apparently I am so much more inspired while experiencing sleep deprivation. Go figure.

I have felt it, this impermeable fog of not-creative-ness that has just sort of hijacked my brain. It came over me and left me wondering where my genius went. At first I did think it was my every-day-ness of working, uh, everyday. Over time I am inclined to believe that is just an excuse that I made up. Something is decidedly different. Even my Christmas letter this year was not as funny nor as witty as years past. What's up with that? I mean, the Christmas letter? That is classic funny stuff right there - but not so much this year.

I used to walk around every day thinking, "This would make an awesome blog post!" or "I totally should take a picture of that for the blog." But recently my camera has been untouched and my brain doesn't tune into that channel anymore. So please, bear with me here in this little space while I find my brilliance again. I am going to really work on it. (FYI - because I am prone to screwing up phrases like "bear with me" I double checked that one on Google - apparently "bare with me" is an invitation to disrobe. I thought that was funny. Also FYI, when you swallow something, it goes "down the hatch" not "down the hatchet" - that would hurt, apparently.)

Practice makes perfect (or so they used to tell me when I wouldn't practice my piano playing - didn't really fly with me in that department, I digress). So, I am going to publicly vow to write a post everyday until I feel the fog lifting - even if by publicly I only have admitted that to all three of you that might read this. Whatever.

And because I am a big fan of blogs with pictures and mostly because I think this is super cute, here are my girls:

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Kathi D said...

Well, that IS super-cute! And I'm feeling a big 0 in the creativity department lately, too. I'm blaming it on winter. Even though we don't have much of that here.