Friday, January 22, 2010

Dog Febreze

Last night after writing about my poop head dog, I posted on facebook the question, "Can you Febreze a dog?" I got many responses on that topic so I am thinking that this must be a common need. Is there such a product? One of my FB friends thought there was something on the market already. (If so, I am buying it immediately, if not sooner.) Others had good suggestions, "Just try a small tester area first. Lol like you do on furniture."Excellent suggestion. Here's another, "I think you can febreeze anything, right???" I also liked this one, though not related to dogs, "Delvin wanted to febreze Patrick in the beginning b/c he was scared of bathing him." Patrick is their 3 month old child.

One of my blogging friends who has four legged children as well thinks, "NO." But my cousin who works for the vet admitted that she does this "all the time." Still in a quandary, I sought the help of ye ole' Mr. Google. So far, so good. Snopes said the email that circulated about 10 years ago about Febreze being harmful to pets was false. ASPA claims that it should not harm the animal. Good Dog! magazine reports that the formula was tested and the evidence suggests that it is safe for use around animals. I found several other personal blogs that have posts written on febrezing their dogs. Apparently all dogs are still healthy and smell decidedly more fresh.

I don't doubt the effectiveness of Febreze. If that stuff could take the "Chili's Funk" out of my clothes when I used to waitress there in college, then it can take any odor away. I am not sure if "Chili's Funk" and "barn poop head" are equal, but something's got to give here. Perhaps I will do as my friend suggests and just try a little tester area first... Then I am going to market a new product, "Furbreze." I am a genius.


bob said...

good luck with the smell removal. but of course, the lab will roll in something as soon as possible. at least they are smarter than german shorthairs, whatever that's worth.
I saw you on kathid's blog. you seem to have an interesting blog yourself.

Sarah M said...

Thanks, Bob. You are right, of course, my lab immediately found the stinkiest thing in the yard and covered herself in it. She's the smartest stupid dog I ever had. Thanks for stopping in from Kathi. I am honored. She cracks me right up.

Kathi D said...

There are actually dry shampoos made specifically for dogs--I don't know if they are as good at "unsmelling" as Febreeze, but worth a try.

Hey, that's my brother Bob there! He knows about dogs, that's for sure! One of his labs ate a whole chocolate cake off the kitchen counter once.

Sarah M said...

I had a feeling that was THE Bob of your blog. Truly an honor.

My labs have eaten countless non-edible things over the years. This one's propensity to eat the unimaginable is made up for by how much she loves us. Then again, that's probably every lab.