Sunday, January 3, 2010

Under sentimentalized

You might not believe this about me, but I tend to under sentimentalize dates. I am not sure why. I convinced myself not to be all gushy and goofy the day I had each of my babies. No tears were shed when my children went off for their first days of Kindergarten. If my best friend hadn't come to town and insisted I celebrate my 30th birthday, I wouldn't have paid it any mind. I used to think this sort of attitude was how I kept my wits about me and stayed sensible. You see, naturally I am not a very sensible person and am prone to extreme emotion. A darn Hallmark commercial can send me right over the edge. Worse, a standing ovation for a soldier, good grief, you'll have to pass me a whole box of Kleenex. I am embarrassed by such things. So, I guess I figure those times when most people would be overcome by sentimentality I am superior if I don't place too much importance on it.

Certainly this is backwards thinking. I am starting to understand this now. Dates are important. It is significant that on May 3oth, 2002 my oldest child joined this world. It is a big deal that my baby girl started Kindergarten this year. February 9th of every year should be celebrated with gusto. I definitely cried through my best friends wedding this summer, even though it did not make for very good pictures, I am not ashamed. And though January 1st is just another day, I do need to start taking it seriously. It is the beginning of a new year, a fresh start, and the end of the old year, all the things we should leave in the past. After all, how do we know where we have been without time to demarcate where we were?

So, I don't know about you and January 1st or the 3rd which it appears to be now, but I am making some resolutions, looking forward to a good year, and letting 2009 go.

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Kathi D said...

I can identify. I can tear up at silly things (or non-silly things) but also feel detached from dates and occasions. I almost never remember birthdays. I generally send gifts when I see something that is perfect for a person, whatever the day. Somehow the detachment from the calendar seems ADDish to me.