Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What if?

What if someone came to your house and literally looked in every cupboard, every closet, every drawer, your medicine cabinet, your pantry, your refrigerator, your garage, your backyard, each kid's room, even the attic, and saw all your stuff? Worried? Hiding something?

We were lucky enough to have this experience today. You want to know what's even better, today was just a practice run, someone else comes next week to do this again. Thankfully today's inspector was the director of our foster agency coming to do a once over before CPS licensing comes to do a spot check on us. The woman was very graceful about my complete mess of a house, but that did not take away the shame I was feeling as I opened the door to yet another disaster of a room/closet/bathroom. I promised her that we would have the clean fairies come before CPS actually got here. She gently agreed that would be a good idea.

I know that opening every closet door shouldn't make me shudder with embarrassment. I realize that most people put their Christmas decorations away before Valentine's Day - I am just not one of those people. I openly (not proudly) admit that. So, how's a person to change? After 30 years of being a slob could I suddenly become tidy? Should a I pray for a miracle?

I will say one thing, the woman opened my fabric closet and was very impressed. Yes, people, I have one organized closet in my whole house. It's my secret clean spot that I can go when I am overwhelmed by 6 people's stinky laundry, undone dishes in the sink flowing out onto the counter, piles of shed dog hair in the corners of all rooms, I can hide in my fabric. Bliss...

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Kathi D said...

Good lord, you're supposed to have children AND an organized house? What cloud are those people from, anyway?