Monday, January 25, 2010


Well, that's an unpopular post title.  But that is exactly what I have been doing since I started that Game On! diet.  I will not be bested by the PTA moms!  So, I have been faithfully on my elliptical every night this week.  The first night was alright.  The second night was killer.  The third night was ridiculous and I was positive that this crack pot diet business was going to kill me.  By tonight (a good 6 days into the game) I actually was eager to get on the machine....  I know, it stunned me too.

After all of my body's initial protesting, I found I was actually craving the movement.  I had forgotten what it felt like to push myself - granted there is a whole lot more of me these days to push - but in the end I felt accomplishment.  My sore muscles are a sign to me that I did something good for me, not a warning to never do such an idiotic thing again.  You know what this means?  Crap!  It means I should keep exercising.

I am only going to mention as a P.S. here that I used to (as in way way long ago) run a minimum of 3 miles daily just to feel normal.  As I began to know myself better and ultimately get a diagnosis of ADHD I realized that this exercise in my high-school years is what kept me focused.  The times I did best in school were when I was running and playing at least one other sport.  Perhaps my rekindled love affair with exercise will also help me regain my brain.  Hey, it's worth a shot.  I'll let you know how that goes.  I am also wondering if exercise will help me keep my house clean and do all my unfinished projects too.  Asking too much?


Kathi D said...

I do think that exercise helps the ADD brain. Also, just being outside helps. So why can't I manage to do either?

Sarah M said...

Kathi, you are so right. We don't do either because we have ADD. Duh.

Kathi D said...

It really bugs me that when I know what to do, I can't follow through so much of the time. I would like to see what it's like for "normal" people some time.

jenny k said...

Glad to hear that your eliptical is coming through for you. =)