Monday, March 17, 2008

A Spring Hat

Not long ago I first tried my hand at crocheting and failed miserably. With a few quick lessons and further investigation on YouTube I think I've found my groove - also my face stopped being all contorted while crocheting so I think this is a good sign. The easier something is, the less faces I make - apparently. Anyway, here is my first usable hat project. This is a gift for my sister, Molly (lest you should think it's for you, Neef) who lives in the Far Frigid North also known as North Freaking Dakota. The kids and I are putting together a "winter is almost over" package for her as she is definitely getting the winter blahs. I think this Spring hat is just the ticket made out of natural cotton yarn - not too warm but just warm enough. Maybe a cloth Easter Egg from Sew Mama Sew too! Who wouldn't love that package?

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