Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter Baskets from the Queen

My mother sent the children their Easter baskets... She is known to go overboard. The kids loved it. Note the actual basket is a Trader Joe's bag - I drool thinking about TJ's. When are they coming to Austin?!???

The exception to the plastic egg rule: These are adorable.


Queen Ree said...

(Found a typo - yikes)

Shwooo! They made it. What do you mean overboard? I carefully gathered some of the give away items at my last conference, went to the $1 sale, discount shops like TJ Max and, well, the plastic eggs are from Costco. Books, though - I never skimp on those - old reading teacher, you know. Notice not a boatload of candy. No peeps, no chocolate bunnies. Saving those precious teeth and keeping those babies healthy.

Moderation in all things, including moderation!

Sarah M said...

right, no peeps and not too much candy. I did enjoy the Sees for me. Also noted, you did give them tooth brushes. The Easter Bags were a huge success around here.