Monday, March 24, 2008

In a bind

I was in a bind recently over binding a couple of pot holders. I had been to my quilting guru's (Grandma Dentist) sewing room a couple of months back to learn the finer art of binding quilts and then didn't immediately put it to use. I did pretty good until I got to finishing it off. I knew there was a trick to make it look seamless and I just couldn't remember it. Also, I fudged a bit on the corners and made it work but I knew it wasn't quite right. I shot off an email to the binding goddess and she brought me this yesterday:

Isn't it amazing? How thoughtful! It's a quilt binding tutorial that I can have at my side whenever I need it. I think she should market these! I know newbie quilters like me would love it.

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Crystal said...

So are those the different stages of binding? What a great idea! And so thoughtful!!!