Monday, March 24, 2008

It was a miracle

The miracle of the resurrection was finally upon us yesterday as we celebrated Easter. Our family celebrated tiny miracles all day. First, I was able to get off work early and actually get home in time to have some order to our morning. Perhaps the miracle was being granted the request to leave the E.R. I arrived home with plenty of time to get everyone in their Easter best, watch the kids dig into their Easter baskets, discuss the real meaning of Easter over some raisin bran with the kids, and get to church EARLY!! We helped bring the altar items back to the alter after the very dark Good Friday where everything was removed. We carried the communion chalices and the kids were relieved that we would still get snack today in church. Shwew!

After church we needed some salad supplies for dinner later and stopped at the local grocery. To our detriment but also delight our local Texas grocer does not remain open on Easter - they post a sign saying that today is a time for their employees to be with family. Good for them - but we still needed groceries. We went to the heathens down the street that were still open on Easter Sunday. Apparently some guy earlier in the day shamed them for being open while he was buying his groceries. Shame him for shaming them...

We spent a wonderful Easter with our friends/might as well be family, the Dennis'. The Easter Bunny miraculously knew we would be there and so he hid eggs and left gifts for the children at the Dennis' house. "How'd he know??" I dunno. We got to spend a wonderful time with these wonderful people. (The top picture is of a patchwork postcard that Grandma Dennis/Dentist sent us.)

On our way home per our usual route we were stopped by a major accident that must have happened only moments before. A pick-up truck rolled in a single car accident. The roof was caved in and the windshield smashed to smithereens. When I realized the severity I hopped out to see if I could help. The driver was walking around with blood running down his face - obviously intoxicated by his demeanor and his breath. The passenger was inside hanging from his seat belt - talking to me, but not feeling the rest of his body. EMS personal arrived shortly after and I excused myself to let them take care of the situation. I went back to the car where we had an unexpected impromptu lesson on drinking and driving with our 4 and 5 year old. It was a miracle both men in the car were alive and no other cars were involved.

With bedtime prayers the children thanked God for our family that we didn't see this holiday, the miracle of Jesus, our friends (the Dennis'), the people needing healing, and the guys in the accident. I always underestimate what those kids take in. I marveled while putting them to bed the miracle of them.


Queen Ree said...

A day of miracles, indeed. I, too, marveled over a few miracles in our lives lately. But, isn't that what family is all about? Lots of miracles big and little, starting from the day you fall in love. All the less consequential miracles of a clean bathroom when company arrives and a niece willing to help you rescue the basket of strawberries for Easter supper that decided to go super ripe (fuzzy) overnight. And back to the big miracles when your babies survive the trees and black ice the world put in the way or they are quick to jump out and help those that find themselves in such predicaments (even if it was their own foolishness that put them there). Of course, there is the big miracle of two clever grandbabies - that goes without saying! I'm just glad you see and feel the miracles too. I must have done something right - now that's a miracle too! Happy Easter!

Sarah M said...

Thanks mom.