Tuesday, March 4, 2008

More babies!

We have friends having babies right and left. More babies means more blankets! I love making these super simple blankets. It is just a yard of flannel with the edges rolled and sewed. Brian's grandma made us some when Jacob was born. We thought they were ridiculously huge and totally impractical then we used them exclusively after a while. They ended up being perfect for swaddling then as the kids grew bigger they were the go to blankets for comforting. Jacob took a stack of them to his first preschool. I still chuckle at the vision of my little 2 and a half year old with his 5 folded blankies waiting for me at the window. So, knowing our love for these I have lovingly made them for friends and family when they have their wee ones. I have recently whipped up several batches of them. This is the latest for a little baby boy. Dad is an old friend of ours and the fishing scene and chili peppers seemed all too appropriate for his expected little boy.

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