Monday, March 10, 2008

My little Buckaroo

The Kindergarten Rodeo took place this past Friday. I had visions of roping 5/6 year olds for the whole week leading up to it. Jacob talked about it constantly. He was so excited. Parents were invited and encouraged to stay for a picnic afterwards on the field. Unfortunately Friday had to be one of the coldest days in Austin this year. The wind was blowing and Mom and Dad were cold. Note the picture of the kids singing in their short sleeve shirts and the parents in the background with jackets and blankets. We did get to see a great performance of "I am a Tex" by 100 Kindergartners singing at varying speeds (not purposeful) and we did a few of the rodeo adventures such as this bucking bronco station. It took some convincing but we did take our picnic into the cafeteria and managed to convince him to go home early. He wanted to stay out in the element - just like a cowboy...
By the way, only in Texas do we have "Texas Week" punctuated by a Rodeo at the end of the week. Gotta love it here. Incidentally I have only had two bull riding injuries as patients since working in the E.R. here. I am disappointed.

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