Friday, March 21, 2008

Blue Bedroom Continued

The room is almost done. We finished this last stage right before we had company coming over. Leave it to a deadline with company coming to get us to finish something. I think this is how my parents still operate. We need this project done, I know, we will have a party! Anyhow, the bed got painted, the chair rail was hung and painted, and reading lights were rehung. Now all we need is artwork on the walls. It's just going to have to be another party, I guess - oh, right, we also have a string of guests coming to town: My sister, my college roommate, then the in-laws. If the idea of his parents coming doesn't spring Brian into action, I don't know what will.

1 comment:

Barbara said...

The room and furniture look great! Can't wait to see everything in person.