Tuesday, January 8, 2008

What I love about sewing...

What I love about sewing is giving my creations away. This Christmas I believe I totalled 34+ handmade gifts. 21 of those were aprons (of which I forgot to take a picture of again so if you received an apron get a cute shot of you in it for me), 8 little caps, 3 stuffed dogs, 2 mini quilts for the kids, 1 flannel Jeeps and camo blankie, 4 jammies, 4 pot holders, 1 knitted scarf, and 6 cute purses with embroidered names (also no pic - sorry). Eesh, it's no wonder my sewing machine quit half way through. We had to run out to Costco and purchase a simple machine (read inexpensive) that would get me through the holidays at least (the machine I really want is still waiting at the store for me - thanks Mom, Dad, Jenny, and Molly for getting me closer to it!). My poor old Brother is sitting on the dining room floor - cast off in a frenzy of getting it all done.

One would think I would be completely burned out and ready to retire my hobby completely. Ha! Not sew! (Another great pun.) I would never dream of it. Since we've been home I've been either working or pretty sick with an upper respiratory something that has me feeling like I am fighting to breathe and taking Tylenol and Advil to keep the ever present fever down. But that didn't keep me from sewing. In my delirium I was able to whip up these always adorable receiving blankets made with a yard each of flannel - perfect for optimal swaddling (or baby burrito-ing as Brian calls it) for a new baby. Our neighbors up the street just welcomed Alana Katherine and we can't wait to meet her. She is also getting a little dog with an A embroidered on the flank (really the butt but we can't say butt in our house).

Maybe today I will make something for me - a scrubs top perhaps... or a new purse. Or maybe I'll start on the quilt Jacob's been begging me for. I do love when other people love what I make and the adoration of a little boy is just too tempting.


*jj said...

What in the world!!!! That's soooo much sewing. I'm very impressed. Well done.

Sarah M said...

Thanks JJ. I must have more spare time than the average bear given how many projects I do. A compliment definately coming from you!