Thursday, January 10, 2008


Well, not "a" fiesta, it is Fiesta. Wahoo! This is our new addition to the kitchen. Grandmama gifted us her Fiesta collection. I love Fiesta. What's not to love? These are solid, beautiful, deeply colored, sturdy earthenware. I love it. We have used them for everyday dishes but also plan to use them for more formal occasions. What's even better is I still have kitchen cabinet space to spare. Which only means I have plenty of room for the rest of the collection that Grandmama has promised us. I am already salivating at the possibilities of adding to my collection. Oooh, the dinner guests we could have... Don't worry - I know, after the grilled cheese post you are wondering - Brian cooks when guests come. I am what you call a utilitarian cook. I cook so we can eat. Brian cooks so we can put it on our Fiesta!

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