Thursday, January 10, 2008

I just remembered...

I just remembered to share my stocking this year. Each year since my youngest sister became privy to the top secret Santa information my family has drawn names for stockings. We always have a set limit on how much we can spend. The kids' stockings are not in the exchange as my mother decidedly goes overboard with their stockings - not that I am complaining - it is how Christmas at the Kidds always has been. Anyhow, back to the point. We draw names out of a hat and then feebly attempt at keeping it secret until Christmas Eve when we exchange over In-N-Out post church services. It is a tradition we have come to love.

We have had some funny years. There was a year that I got running shoes, only I only got one shoe because the other would have put it over the limit. In the same spirit I got one cowboy boot a couple of years ago - a perfect fit on the inside of my stocking. Brian thrives on stuffing the stocking full to the max while always keeping within the budget. I won that contest this year - stuffing Jenny's stocking and over filling it with kitchen gizmos from IKEA. Your buck goes a long way at IKEA. My youngest sister, Molly, the lefty who decidedly thinks outside of the box, won for creativity this year on presentation of my stocking. Please don't be offended. We all found this hysterical - my stocking this year:

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