Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Back into the boxes...

Back into the boxes go the Christmas lights, tree ornaments, stockings, and various other Christmas decorations. I save my absolute favorites for last. I tell myself I can at least wait until Epiphany as the official end of the holiday season to do the final dreaded Christmas decoration packing up. Here are a couple of my favorites that will be finally put away today:

While most people with a February birthday would be glad to see time marching on past December and January I am almost always met with a little sadness as another holiday season passes. Now it is just winter with no lovely songs or cheerful decorations to go with it. Phooey. Plus, this year as I turn 29 somehow I am not necessarily celebrating the upcoming year as I am dreading it - 29 and then 30 seems so definitely adult. And the little part of me that loves my Christmas decorations out too long also loves being young and in my 20s.

Maybe just a couple more days of my nativity out - to soothe my soul. A little Jesus here and there never hurt any one.

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