Monday, January 14, 2008

Mission Organization

Organization - smorganization is what I used to think. As I get older and wiser I am more tuned into the beauty and function of my home. Plus, I have been reading Sandra Felton's Messies books again and have renewed energy and know how to get the house in order. First of all let me say that I have improved vastly since my early days. There is a whole post on that. But I know that there are certain steps I can take to make OK fabulous.

This weekend we set out to accomplish 5 things on our list.
1)Hampers - must have hampers. Clothes are piling up in the strangest places.
2)A paper system for all papers coming into our house including mail, kids art, and the like so that the kitchen counter would truly be clear.
3)Something to contain the stuffed animals over-running the children's rooms.
4)A shower caddy for order in the bathroom.
5)Shelves for office closet.

Four out of five wasn't bad. We did manage to acquire a hamper. We quickly realized we should have gotten more than one. That will have to come later. Paper system was taken care of by some shallow trays meant for drawer organization. These may need replaced with a larger size - see photo. The kids artwork now piles nicely in a shallow basket just large enough for the biggest size construction paper and it sits next to my desk. Stuffed animals were tamed by the large plastic buckets with rope handles in a blue and lavender conveniently correlating with the kids room decor. We did have to spend some time explaining that the animals were not supposed to be dumped out to use the buckets as boats. Oh, what the heck use them as boats... The shower caddy was an easy purchase at BB&B and nicely stored all those bottles I had been stepping on. I feel calmer already. Shelves are a bigger project for next week perhaps.

So far so good. All we have to do is put what we have into use for at least a week and if we can maintain the order then move on to the next trouble spot. I am thinking laundry room and master bedroom are the next to tackle. We are getting new bedroom furniture - Ethan Allen hand-me-downs - so this seems like just the right time to do it. Updates later.

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