Thursday, May 29, 2008

Take me out to the ball game...

We love minor league baseball. There is something pure about the sport when it's players aren't making millions and the fans aren't paying a fortune to watch them (can't beat dollar dogs and drinks!). Specifically we love our Round Rock Express. Going to a game is always a great family event. So, while my parents were visiting we decided a game was definitely in the plans (this is a family who routinely went to Dodger games) so my sis bought the tickets and the Queen and her entourage converged on the ball game. Here are some of the pics from our adventures.

Entering the gates

Where else will the press wave at you?

"Hi, Matt!"

Super coy

Dad, talking to Molly
Me and Mini Me
Look, Dad!
The Queen and Grandpa sitting next to very big people

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Sarah S said...

why is brian wearing a light pink hat?!?!