Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I failed to mention...

Jenny is here!! Jenny, my sister, arrived almost 2 weeks ago now with my dad and a Penske moving van. Good Lord, she had a lot of stuff. Even she admitted she had collected some things - which is surprising given Jenny's no nonsense personality. So, it was clear that she needed all of this so we made it fit. The only thing we couldn't make fit was her beloved leather couch (which looks strangely just like my leather couch) so she got a small storage unit. Climate controlled, of course, for the leather.

She quickly filled Reba's room and closet - which was an amazing great fit for all her belongings. And Reba gladly now bunks in Jacob's room (they've been praying for this). Jenny unpacked in record time and has taken up residence like she belongs here - which of course she does.

My family loves having her here. I especially love having my sister close. Even after all these years we still come out wearing the same thing (and apparently choosing the same furniture). She made banana bread tonight and the smell was what prompted me to write. It smells like home here. And it feels even more like home with my sister here. One down, one to go. One by one I plan to lure my family here. So far the plan is working.

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jenny k said...

Thanks, Sar!! It would have been a much more difficult move if I hadn't had you and your family here. I couldn't begin to tell you how much I appreciate being able to live with you. Not just for the free rent (though that is a big bonus), but more so for helping me feel at home in a new place.