Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ping Pong

To my delight my sister was able to fit in her Penske some things for me from my parents' house. It seems there was no longer use (room) for the old family ping pong table in Dear Old Dad's garage. Somehow they exhumed it for new life here in TX. And new life it has received - though I think it is time to replace the paddles. What do you think?

I don't keep it a secret that I am slightly (read very) competitive. My laid back personality and my ADD will frequently mask it, but it's there. For instance - my husband noticed this one of the first years we were married and mailing out Christmas cards and letters. We had to fold the letters and we each had a stack to do. I naturally was attempting to finish mine before he could -trying not to let him know I was racing. I wanted to beat him. It was a compulsion. I couldn't help myself. It happens all the time (and so you don't worry about my marriage - I don't always compete with Brian).

Now add to this a ping pong table. Hand eye coordination were never my strengths. But give me a paddle and look out. I shocked Brian the first time he played me a couple of years ago (he's seen me throw and catch). Now he challenges me every night. I am pleased to report that after two weeks of this I beat him last night. Interestingly this just made Brian want to play more. I say, "Game on!"

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jenny k said...

It's true, the ping pong table has found new life in the garage. It hasn't seen this much action in a long time and probably never such constant playing time. Sar, perhaps it was the Reunite on ice ("it's a nice!") that helped you play so well. =) So glad that table fit in the truck - it was a close one. Dad and I had to butterfly the table to get it to fit in the roll-up door on the truck. What a sight that must have been. Mom and Dad - rest assured, the ping pong table has found a happy new home and we are all honing our table tennis skills.