Thursday, May 1, 2008

The joy of reading...

As I was recovering from my last 5 out of 6 nights in the ER (working) I was supposed to be watching Reba who is home ill (I never escape). I laid down on the couch to let her be my "doctor" as she took my blood pressure, attempted to find my reflex points (occasionally hammering on non reflex points), and giving me pretend shots (which actually hurt a little) all while wearing her doctor scrubs I made her for Halloween - for authenticity, of course. As she did this I found my eyes grew far too heavy to keep open so I just was resting them a little.

Next thing I know I am being roused only slightly to Reba yelling at me, "Does this say YESTERDAY?!?" I open my eyes only enough to see a word in double and confirm it does in fact say, "Yesterday." This was followed by many other words as I fought to stay awake - totally failing miserably. It came to a point when Brian (from his office) could hear her sounding it out and then confirmed that it was the word she thought it was or that she almost had it. Despite my poor parenting, my 4 year old is reading.

I am reminded of this incident only now that I am fully awake and coincidentally Jacob (almost six everyone!) is reading The Napping House which of course is the house where everyone is sleeping. I hear him get to the last page and he exclaims, "Whoa, look at all those words!" then dives in to read them all. It makes a mother's heart soar. In particular this word loving reading queen of a mother's heart soars. My babies are growing up and they love to read! (Incidentally, Reba is now napping in my spot.)

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