Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Season Finale

T-ball season is over. The team was on a winning streak losing only one game (that Brian coached on his own - no issues there) and arrived at the championship tournament in the first seed. It came down to the first and second place game tonight at 6pm. There was a huge turn out for what ended up being the hottest weather we have played in thus far. Both stands were packed with parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and local fans while the Yankees and Nationals battled it out for the title.

The Yankees (that one team that beat us before) showed up in a big way tonight. It seemed like the Nationals just couldn't get their glove on the ball. It was a nail biter and by the sound of things we were playing in the Majors (the parents can get a little excited). Miller played a strong first base making one of our few outs. Caught up in the emotion of the event his mother jumped out of her seat with her fist in the air and screamed for him (I didn't recognize that woman).

In a previous game this weekend Miller played well, scoring his first home run and making some decisive defensive plays at pitcher and first. Although his skills were strong coming into this league we have noticed marked improvement in his game. The fans and fellow critics were complimentary noting his strong offense and defense this season. Most impressive has been this kid's wheels. That boy can run.

So, a bitter sweet day in this household. T-ball is over for the season and the Nationals came in 2nd place. May I repeat, T-ball is over for the season and Nationals came in 2nd place. Whew! Season well played boys.

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jenny k said...

I tell you what, T-ball is awesome! Seeing my little buddy play (and by the way, he is quite a player!!) was so much fun at this last weekend's grand finale tournament. I burst with pride when he makes an out or has a great hit, or even just steps out on the field - that is my nephew out there! The best part is that he has so much fun and tells us how much he loves T-ball. Plus, T-ball in general is the funniest kid sport to watch - those kids crack me up. I am SO glad that I moved here in time for the big tournament, one game just wasn't going to be enough.