Friday, May 30, 2008

six years ago

Six years ago today I was birthed into the confusing, gut wrenching, sleep depriving, hair pulling, but awesomely rewarding world of motherhood. I feel more connected to this day as my day to celebrate being a mother than some Sunday in May. Six years ago today I got handed a 9 lb bobble head and officially was bestowed with the name Mother. And though I am exhausted, emotionally strung out, and nearly hairless I believe I am blessed.

I could never have imagined in 2002 what or who this bobble head baby would become. He had giant eyes and cowlicks galore. I looked for parts of him that resembled me but his father's genetics had the stronger say. I was, it seemed, just the vessel that carried this little child. What I didn't know then was that his likeness to his father in both personality and looks would only increase with years. What could a mother do?

He was an easy going baby. Slept through the night from the beginning. He didn't mind being held by others. He was a good nurser and then content with a pacifier. He was so chill that he never crawled. He was perfectly content wherever he was placed. When he finally did decide to move he just stood up and walked and that was the end of that. Once he was walking he moved quickly into running, then into swing a golf club and a bat by age 2 and has never looked back.

Though my identity is not solely wrapped up in being Jacob and Reba's mom I do believe they make my life complete. Without them I am sure I wouldn't fully be me. Today I celebrate the last six years for my son and all that he has become but I also celebrate it for me. Six years ago God gave me the gift of another human being that somehow separated from me and looking like his father was part of me. Awesome.


Kristin said...

Happy Birthday Jacob! Sar, he looks so old (in a good way) in that middle picture! They grow up way too fast, don't they.
Love Reba's that the one we picked out together? Miss you all mucho much!

Queen Ree said...

Miss you guys already! Did Jacob read a book or two or three or... today?
On your dad's fortieth birthday I sent Grandma Bette a HUGE Jacob Maarse Basket of flowers - perhaps the most emotionally satisfying gift I ever gave her. I think your blog gets to the point that we both felt that day - we were both emotional. There is nothing that feels the same as being mom.

Give Jacob an awkward hug for me and Grandpa. Happy Birthday Big Guy. And Happy Mother's Day to you.

mary said...

So well said. I always tell the girls on their birthday that I was the one who really gets the birthday gift. Thank you for stopping in and for commenting. It must be something about turning 6, you realize they are not really babies anymore.