Saturday, November 10, 2007

Reasons for Seasons

Thank God for seasons. I just worked my first 12 hour night shift in a string of 5 over six nights. I was emotionally tired and physically exhausted. When I got home I barely got out of my scrubs (which is a good thing I did -think of all the germs) before I knocked out in bed. Now that I am awake and preparing for anther night of work I am reminded that this too shall pass. I came across this picture from a fall I got to visit Kristin in the Catskills a couple of years ago. The beauty of this season is striking but also is the distinct chill in the air and less day light - two things I am less inclined to love.

God gives us seasons (in most places of the world) for both the cycle of life, death and growth of Earth and nature and to remind us of the seasons in our life as well. Here in Austin things change much like they do in Southern CA. What was green during the Summer is brown in the fall. There aren't too many color changing trees and the weather is a cool 85 degrees today, but there is a change in the air (some would say it's the change of allergens that I am sensing here). Winter is coming with all it's chills but also all of it's wonderment.

So, tonight as I wearily put on my scrubs and crocs I count my blessings for the nice weather, the brown grass, the cedar brush trees, and growing children. In a week this will all be over and I will have a week off while family comes in for Thanksgiving. Everything passes eventually - thank God.


Auntie M said...

It's gray here today, S Beara, and I'm in my flannel nightie. Chicken soup is simmering after the satisfying chopping of multicolored vegetables. While that happens, I went out back to pick a bounty of roses (in Novemberr!), wondred if I should water the sweetpea starts lined up against the cement wall for warmth as they develop strong roots. Moving to the front yard,my shoes crunched away on the fallen liquid ambar leaves. I had to smile as their debris
tracked into the living room. Hummingbirds are feeling at the fuschias just outside the window as I type, stopping occassionally to look or listen at this open window. I'm read for Fall, ready to savor the shift,'s capricious here...and it could look like summer tomorrow. I'm back to the kitchen to eat an Autumn Lady peach, purchased at Farmer's Market and yet another reminder of how confused we can be, well into November.
Meanwhie, I did not make that little piece, but a clever friend did. It made me glad that it has a symbolic spot in your family.


Sarah M said...

Auntie M,
Your fall sounds like mine - save the lovely garden to walk through. My father-in-law will be here over Thanksgiving to give me my dream garden in the front yard. I can't wait. I can only surmise at what joy you must get from yours.

Thank you for the little piece. Regardless if you made it or not, it warms my heart and my home. Last but not least, I enjoy your comments. It reminds me of the last time I was far away from home and you wrote me faithfully through my first year of college. Reading your notes feels like a big auntie myrn hug - and I love that.