Thursday, November 29, 2007

Happy Birthday, Kate!

Happy birthday to a wonderful person! Kate is my B.F.F. (best friend forever) - we used to write it on all our notes to each other. We were also known as a pair to her grandfather (and really anyone else that knew us as kids) - Katie Did and Sarah Kidd. Cute, right? I wish I had a picture to post of what a funny pair we made as kids. She was small, with a lovely perm and thick glasses. I was, um, not small, more like round and also had a bad haircut. We met in preschool and went all the way through elementary school together where our moms taught. After school we would hide from the daycare people in our moms' classroom closets. High school we joined several youth groups together and spent summers going to camp and vacationing together. We learned to ski together. In college she made a day's drive to be with me on my birthdays (in particular my 21st - she does know how to have a good time). Kate was at the hospital after each of my babies were born. She has loved my family and we love her.
We were inseparable as children and even now as we find ourselves well into adulthood we share a bond stronger than friendship. I am so proud of you, Kate! Love you and miss you!

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