Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Kitten Krazy

Our Thanksgiving this year was wonderful. As you can see by the previous post we feasted. It was nice to have the in-laws here. I enjoyed the company, someone else entertaining my children, the projects completed and the free dish washing help. Brian got a new workbench in the garage courtesy of his father and their endless hours of measuring, sawing, drilling and figuring. We also got a beautiful planter in the front yard. Our previous front yard planter left MUCH to be desired and this new brick lined beauty is just what I wanted. Brian and his dad put so much back/knee breaking work into this project it was truly a labor of love - and I LOVE it! I even noticed a walking neighbor stop to admire it yesterday.

I worked Thanksgiving night, black Friday night, and Saturday night so forgive the absence. I am back to work tonight for a few nights but hopefully there won't be such a delay before I post again. I think the lack of sleep this weekend did me in. I shopped after work on both Friday and Saturday morning then went to church on Sunday morning. I only slept through part of your sermon, Madeline! My eyes were closed but my ears were open:-) I don't intend to miss so much sleep this week.

So now the family is gone. The left-overs are almost gone. The holiday sales are gone. What is a person to do? Why, sew, of course! I hit up JoAnn's Friday morning (well - and Saturday) and came away with some stellar deals. Snuggle flannel for 99 cents a yard! Who could resist? Not I - and the thousand other crazed women there that morning. I had to go back Saturday just for all the other things I wanted. With all this new stuff my mind was working over time with projects I could do.

I started with a scarf that I work on when I am hanging out with Brian. He watches TV (I get bored if I am just watching) and I knit. Ahhh.... So soothing. Knitting will take a few hours of TV so I quick whipped up a couple of other projects in the down time. Check out these adorable little guys. I found the pattern at this site: http://weewonderfuls.typepad.com/wee_wonderfuls/store/downloads.html. Don't discriminate against White Kitten whose stripes go the wrong way. And don't mind the fact that neither have faces. I need to go purchase some embroidery floss for the finishing touches. Now, I am off to make a Scottie Dog, I will post on him later.

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